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Mr. Strange - WTF?! (Best of Mr. Strange) CD album

Image of Mr. Strange - WTF?! (Best of Mr. Strange) CD album


A massive 16-track collection of Mr. Strange fan favourites and live staples!

CD's have a full-colour 6 panel roll-fold booklet and come shrink-wrapped.

Includes updated and revamped versions of: Wonderful World of Weird, Carousel, Clockwork Man, Brain Dead Boogie, Lizard Man, Psycho Surfing a Go-Go!, Music Box, and Sodom Nights. The digital version includes updated versions of: Twisted Family, Playground Twist, and Villain.

Also includes the new cover song 'Spin Me Round'

All orders of this CD version come with a download link for the digital version of the album, which includes an additional 4 songs! *

CD track listing:

1. Wonderful World of Weird
2. Carousel
3. Disco Bitch
4. Brain Dead Boogie
5. Clockwork Man
6. I Like Girls...
7. Lizard Man 3.0
8. Addiction
9. Psycho Surfing a Go-Go!
10. It's a Sin
11. Music Box (Redux)
12. Deviant Ritual
13. Sodom Nights (feat: Bridget Gray)
14. Exile
15. Spin Me Round / Do It Like Pete Burns
16. There's Consequences

Additional songs that come with your digital download:

1. Anti-Light
2. Villain (Version)
3. Playground Twist
4. Twisted Family